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Juibi Juice Bar is located in the great city of Houston, TX and currently delivers to Houston, and its surrounding suburbs. Take the Juibi Juice Challenge by placing your order today, and adding our 100% all natural metabolism boosting recipes to any already established diet or workout regimen, to see faster, more comprehensive results. And yes, you can also use our products to juice fast. Downloadable juice fast regimen examples coming soon. Each of our recipes are packed with high concentrations of essential nutrients and an over-abundance of recommended daily allowances of various vitamins that are not naturally found in the body, but that are necessary for the body to perform at an optimal level, daily. We pride ourselves on the fact that our delicious juice recipes are comprised of only the freshest, locally sourced, all natural ingredients with no additional flavorings or sugars added or necessary. We source locally because we love our city of Houston and want to give back, but we buy fresh because we love our customers and know they deserve only the best options when it comes to their health and weight-loss goals. Juicing with Juibi means achieving your weight-loss, nutrition, and general body image goals in the most healthy and natural way possible, and seeing those results both inside and out. Take the Juibi Juice Challenge and show your dedication to your body and health goals by ordering today!

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Juibi Juice Bar is built on the desire to help others become the best versions of themselves, both inside and out. We understand the struggle of trying to achieve a body image goal so because of that, our goal is to make achieving your goal as simple as possible. Juicing isn’t a new concept. Many people know about juicing, and know that it works. But what’s the usually the hurdle? The energy and time it takes to shop for the produce, the energy and time it takes to make the juice, and the one of the biggest hurdles? Knowing how to make the juice not taste horrible. Many of our clients are driven by their career goals, by their little ones who they strive to keep up with, or by demanding schedules that require them to step up their energy. Just know that whatever type of client you may be, Juibi was made for your type of ‘busy’, and is ready when you are. Our flavors are some of the most delicious combinations of fruits and vegetables you will encounter and when you juice with Juibi, we are proud to say that not only will you have a juicing experience of the non-traumatizing variety, but you will also achieve your goals in a healthy and natural way. All you have to do is place your order and we’ll take care of the rest.

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